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Friday, November 27, 2009

Phone Landline & Broadband Costs.

Today I have changed my phone landline provider to Farmside in New Zealand as they are giving me the same service I have had with Telecom but at a lesser rate. My costs have dropped by $1.35 monthly Plus my Broadband costs have dropped by $9.94 monthly meaning a saving totalling $11.29 monthly.
While this is not huge at least the money is better in my pocket than in Telecoms.
If you are in NZ give Farmside a call (0800 32 76 74) and ask them about reducing your costs. You never know until you ask & it might save you money also.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

On a Sea-Biscuit

This is Great Fun! My Grandchildren, Jack & Shannon, were with me to be towed on a sea biscuit behind my daughter's boat around Ruakaka Bay in the Queen Charlotte Sound, Picton, New Zealand.
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My home view

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting PAID to Drink BEER!

Don't pay for your beer any longer...
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From the Home Bar of Tim Costello
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Let me explain…

Incredible as it may seem, beer companies and other companies are spending $41 billion annually to do market research. They need the opinions of regular consumers like you to decide if a product is worth their time and money.

And these companies realize now that telemarketing doesn’t work— People like you and I just keep hanging up on those annoying telemarketers calling during our dinner time - the companies know they can’t get your opinions for free, so they are prepared to pay you for them—and pay well.

Just two nights ago I attended a beer & wine discussion group and for about 1 hour of my time,sampling a few different beers and wines and answering some questions I received $70. I really enjoy these sessions and I pay no tax, completely legit, just cash in an envelope. The $70 came in very handy too because I wanted to buy my 6 year old grandson a bike for his birthday and this paid for it.

The invite to this focus group came about by being registered with a market research company and if you are interested in getting invited to one or more of these focus groups make sure you read on...

When these marketing research companies get a job like this one they will assemble a survey panel based around a set of demographics that their client (in this case a beer company) is interested in as customers. Typically they will use the data that you have supplied in your profile to work out whether you fit the survey panel and then get in contact with you.

They rang me up while I was away from home last week and after a quick round of screening questions, I was locked in for the a session on the following week.

When you show up to the venue they check off your name and with a group of other people you go into a room where there is a facilitator and you discuss the product and give your opinion on it and the marketing for the product.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Watching Dolphins at Play.

We have just been watching a large group of Bottle-Nosed Dolphins playing near our home in Waikawa Bay, Picton (New Zealand). These graceful and playful mammals are just great to watch, especially when we able to just stand on our front doorstep and watch them.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Surveys can bring you Great Cash Rewards.

.Since the internet began it has managed to bring together the world, it is one of the most powerful tools available and the biggest corporations on the planet are using it to add some serious numbers to their bottom line


With the internet, large companies are able to go out and get instant market research on their products and services by paying people just like you to tell them what you think.

In a recent report, corporations spent over $6 Billion dollars doing internet based survey research and they plan on spending even more with the increasing popularity of the internet.

How do you fit into this equation? It's very simple
What You Think = BIG MONEY!

These companies need the opinions of "average joe" consumers to find out if their products are still in demand and worth keeping on the shelves. Do people like the product? Is there a similar product they like better? Is it a product you need or want?

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